Tina Lindegaard/ Begbie Studios
Multi-media Visual Artist


                                'My Story '                                                                  


     I spent my early years in Copenhagen, Denmark in the '60's,

and moved to Canada at the age of ten. 


I have been drawing, painting and creating for as long as I can remember,

and eventually completed my BFA with a focus on
painting, photography and sculpture.

    Following some years of jubilation, contemplation, and at times, painful soul searching,

I realized that I needed to use my creativity as a means to raise awareness of the world around me, and the greater good.

Through my art,

I want to 'give back' some of what the universe has so graciously given to me.


As a painter, I gravitate to vibrant colors and intense contrasts. 

I focus on intuitively putting together my thoughts and inspirations,

always allowing for those 'little accidents' that will set the work apart.  


I strive to relay a message of living with passion and conviction,

and the power of human connectedness. 


With this intention in mind, many of the works in the

galleries are dedicated to a variety of causes close to my heart. 


My art is only truly resolved when I am able to initiate a 'ripple' in the waters of life.

I welcome your thoughts. 

In peace, Tina.



Mt. Begbie


  'Mt. Begbie'
    2007-acrylic on canvas

'here we Sit,

the mountain and I,

until only the

mountain remains'